Build better smarter


Build faster for less
Selcrete is a reputable global brand offering a quality construction solution that reduces cost and environmental impacts. Offering blocks or modular panels that are larger and more lightweight, requiring less time and manpower; so you can build nearly twice as fast at a fraction of the cost.

Patented and developed over many years in one of the toughest construction environments on earth.
Selcrete's origins date back over 60 years to a young Norwegian engineer, J Olav Selvaag, in answer to the need for environmentally-efficient low-cost housing. He developed a solution that achieved the same quality and feel of traditional materials and stood up to Norway’s extreme climatic conditions. Selcrete has since proven successful in the Scandinavian construction industry. Now, for the first time, this leading solution is being made available in Africa.

Norwegian precision and design, African at heart
Selcrete is dedicated to improving lives, through social investment in feeding, education and aids orphan initiatives. Made from 40% recycled material and reducing impacts, this is the next generation technology for people, the environment and the future.