Innovating construction for 60 years

Selcrete™ is named from the company that revolutionised the housing industry in Norway after the Second World War – Selvaag Gruppen AS – founded by young engineer, J. Olav W. Selvaag, developed a way to build houses at a third of the cost, three times faster, with smarter materials, systems and methods. Today, the Selvaag Group remains at the forefront of the industry by continuously developing new solutions. For the first time, this leading solution is made available in Africa through a partnership between Norway and South Africa.

Norwegian precision and design, African at heart

Selcrete™ is trademarked in South Africa and manufactured under license to Norway.
What makes it well suited to Africa is that it offers onsite manufacturing and ease of construction and, once built, has excellent hot and cold indoor climate control. Our Norwegian and European partners are investors, licensors and active collaborators. Together, we are continuously researching and developing future technologies and are completely committed to problem solving, innovation and sustainability.

Proven in Norway

Numerous Norwegian projects attest to Selcrete’s innovation and sustainability. These include Skattumlia, a high-end multi storey housing and apartment development located just outside of Oslo, constructed utilising Selcrete™ products where 32 units over 4 phases have been constructed.