Changing Young Lives

The Knysna Education Trust focuses on Early Childhood Development. The newly expanded preschool will house 120 children aged 3-6 years and they will receive a quality preschool education in 3 languages – English, IsiXhosa and Afrikaans. The Site will also be the first Practical Teacher Training Centre to be operational in the Western Cape. The expansion of the Knysna Education Trust will be instrumental to the local community and help uplift future generations.

Equal to conventional materials

Selcrete’s ground breaking lightweight concrete in-situ slab including, internal and external wall blocks were used to add a floor to the existing clay brickwork building. The steep sloping site conditions were alleviated by Selcrete’s mobile plant operation in Khayalethu, Knysna, South Africa. Completed with plaster and bright paints, the finished construction is indistinguishable from conventional builds.

Requiring minimal maintenance

Selcrete™ has excellent thermal properties and maintains the building cool in summer and warm in winter. It is fire-safe, which is important in dense urban areas. Fungi and mould-free, it is easy to keep in excellent condition.